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Kitchens aren’t just for cooking; they are the life and soul of your home. From breakfast with your family to impromptu dinner parties with friends, this is a room where you can simultaneously relax, work and entertain. Kitchens have become the centre of attention in any house and a new kitchen will transform your home life.

Why Professional Kitchen Fitting is a Must

Have you ever walked into a home where the kitchen is the most welcoming space that you have ever seen? A place where there is room for you to sit and chat, enjoy a meal, get on with some paperwork, all without feeling in the way or as though you are tucked away from the heart of the family? If you have, then your kitchen has almost certainly been put together by kitchen fitters with a real understanding of what is needed to create this effect. There are a number of factors at play here. Let us have a look at them.

Let there be light

Good kitchens are almost always bright and airy. Big, well-positioned windows will let in a flood of natural light for daytime use, while large overhead lights are balanced with discreetly placed unit lighting. The latter are usually fitted underneath wall-mounted cabinets that are positioned over workspaces, to throw light onto your working surface without shining in the eyes and dazzling you. With perhaps the exception of a cellar or storage nook, there should be no dark places in a kitchen, so you can cook or work without eye strain. It makes it easier to keep surfaces clean and tidy too, when you can see every speck of dust!


Your counters and islands come next. Cooking from scratch can use a fair amount of space, and if you and the family all cook together, you will all need a place to stay to do your prep, whether it is peeling vegetables, tenderising meat or measuring out rice or pasta. Some work surfaces will be needed for labour-saving appliances and things like toasters and microwaves, but there should be a good amount of available space even when the kitchen is at its busiest. There should be measured splashbacks too, so that clean-up after cooking is a satisfying doddle!

Space to move

Trying to work in a badly laid out kitchen, where you have to duck to open cupboards, mind where you are stepping when you step back as you open the oven, or that lacks enough space for you to move about and place hot dishes down safely is not only dangerous, putting you at risk of burns, but it can feel claustrophobic and cramped. This can lead to you avoiding cooking, or only cooking quick and simply dishes instead of indulging your love of rich stews, creamy pasta bakes and more. Professional kitchen design and fitting can work to accommodate the best workflow in your kitchen, so that not only is there room for everything, but you can move quickly from one point to another as you orchestrate a sumptuous meal, without needing to be wary of hazards.


A final point that highlights the importance of good kitchen design is having everything in its place and a place for everything. Preferably a place that you can reach easily, without having to unpack other items in order to reach the pot or pan that you need! Kitchen fitters can see space that does not yet exist, and you will not fail to be satisfied with your ‘new’ spacious kitchen storage! 

You will be surprised at how much space a professional kitchen designer can find or create, in even the most limited floorplan. If you would like to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams in your Torbay area home without needing to knock through walls, call us today on 07595 387211 to discuss your needs and let us make a plan for your dream kitchen.

Bespoke Design And Fitting Service

With our many years’ experience in providing great kitchens, our professional team of kitchen fitters will take care of anything and everything you need, while taking every necessary measure to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum. Our bespoke design and fitting service will give you a truly gorgeous kitchen worthy of celebration!

Don’t need a whole new kitchen? Not a problem – we’ve got it covered! Our skilled tradesmen are also able to provide expert restoration services, new countertops, units, flooring – everything including the kitchen sink! Now isn’t that appetising?

Our Torquay kitchen fitters can create your dream kitchen, whether you need a major remodel or update.

Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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